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Ems Foot Massage Pad

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Before use, you must read:
First, clip the host into the footrest
1. When the product does not contact the conductor, it will automatically close within 10 seconds after opening. (Be careful not to exhaust the power supply)
2. When using this product, put two bare feet on the foot pad at the same time, this product can work normally, otherwise it will automatically shut down in 10 seconds (pay attention not to lose power)
3. The controller needs to increase the working intensity, otherwise the controller will automatically shut down within 10 seconds (note that it is not powered off)
4. During the use of this product, the foot cannot leave the foot pad, otherwise it will be turned off within 10 seconds (note that it is not powered off)
5. One stage of the product is 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, the product will automatically close. You need to continue to open it.
6. The red light will be on when the product is charged, and the red light will be off when it is fully charged (generally, it will be fully charged when it is not charged for about 30 minutes)
7. Use bare feet instead of socks. Nylon socks can conduct electricity but affect strength. Pure cotton socks do not conduct electricity
8. The foot pad cannot be cleaned with water,
9. The host cannot be used during charging!
Product name: EMS intelligent foot massage machine
Product material: leather
Built-in: silver paste meridian conduction and heat conduction technology system
Product features: foot therapy, massage to stimulate acupoints, relieve pain and fatigue
Stimulate the foot and leg muscles, promote blood circulation and relax the foot through low frequency pulse (EPS/EMS)  heat conduction technology (Heat).
*Soft and comfortable yoga mat material cushion;
*Tight skin of silver ion printed circuit;
*Made of rare earth materials for heat conduction;
*For separate host, the foot pad can be cleaned with wet cloth;

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